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If you are looking for a quality cigar we are your shop. Come in. today and see the variety of brands we have and if you don't know much about cigars, we can share our knowledge with you.
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Stop by the shop today.
Cigar Man - Tobacco products

Passionate About Cigars

Terry is a cigar enthusiast and owner of Chattanooga’s very own boutique cigar shop, “Cigar Man.”

Terry wanted to share his passion of cigars with the great people of Tennessee. Terry got his start by pushing a small portable cart around at festivals, trade shows, and concerts. He was able to get a good handle on what his consumers wanted to smoke. In 2012 Terry opened the official Cigar Man location located in Chattanooga. Business has continued to rise and since the doors opened Terry has expanded the shop to add a “Cigar Enjoyment Area” or cigar lounge. Terry believes strongly that cigars are an equalizer. Any two people can come together and have a great conversation over a good cigar.

Come on down and visit us. It doesn’t matter whether you are cigar connoisseur, or are just getting started, all of us here at cigar man would love to meet you and enjoy a cigar together

“Cigars are an equalizer, it doesn’t matter who you are all people can enjoy a cigar together.”